Registration for programs offered by the Early ON Child and Family Center is mandatory and must be done through KeyON !

What is KEyON?

KEyON is a digital sign in system that provides parents a quick and simple way to sign in at EarlyON Centres across Ontario.

How can I see the calendar?

From the KEyON homepage, choose one of the following options:

  1. Log In (if you already have an account), or
  2. Become a Member

After you complete your registration and become a member, you can view all activity calendars. To start your search, select Prescott-Russell in the Region tab and choose the calendar you want to see (Hawkesbury, Rockland, Casselman, Programmation virtuelle / Virtual programming ou jeux extérieurs / Outdoor Play).

What’s next?

Once the registration is complete, you can now view our calendar. Make sure to choose Prescott-Russell region and Programmation virtuelle—virtual programming for Early ON Centre.

Check out our programs and register!

Now you can look at all the activity calendars and register for the ones you want to attend. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us by completing the form at the bottom of the screen.

List of active virtual programs

Tiny Talkers (2 to 4 years) - 5-week program

This program is designed to provide families with usable tools and strategies to support children’s early language development. During each session, the educator will guide families and children through activities and discussions. This program is offered by educators trained by speech-language pathologists from The Hanen Centre.

Infant Massage (birth to 12 months) - 5-week program

Discover the advantages of infant massage for both you and your child. During each session, you will acquire new knowledge on various soothing techniques to comfort your child. This program is offered by a certified instructor from the International Baby Massage Association.

Preschool Yoga (3 to 4 years) - 5-week program

Did you know that yoga could reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem? During each session, you will learn new yoga poses and talk about emotions in a way that engages children. Families and children will enjoy a blend of activities focused on well-being. This program is offered by a certified PedaYoga animator from PedaYoga.

Namaste (up to 6 years) - 5-week program

Namaste is a program focused on parents and children’s well-being. Educators will teach various yoga poses, relaxation techniques and encourage group discussions on various topics. This program for families and children is offered by a PedaYoga instructor certified by PedaYoga.

Story Time (birth to 6 years)

Join the EarlyON staff for Story Time followed by interactive activities! This program is offered every week for families and children.

PedaYoga (2 to 6 years)

Learn playful methods to practise yoga with your family. In this program, a certified PedaYoga animator from PedaYoga, will provide advice and tools that can promote your child’s well-being and self-esteem.

Zumini (3 to 4 years)

Zumini is an activity that combines dance and music. Join us once a week for this physical activity to move and play to the rhythm of the music with your child.

Outdoor activities

Look and Find

Join us for an animated story! Little explorers will be able to rejoice themselves with a Look and Find activity following the animated story.

Story Walk

Join the EarlyON staff for an outdoor Story Walk followed by interactive activities!

Fitness Strolling

Get moving and breathe some fresh air. Come meet parents from your community. Children must be in a stroller or baby carrier.

Busy Feet

Come with your child to participate in an activity that encourages physical movements.

Hiking in the Forest

Come enjoy being outside, exploring, observing, singing and a story in nature. Remember to dress appropriately and bring a snack and water.